People talk about how painful contractions are because they’re so strong. But what we want women to know is that the strength of that contraction is the strength of their own bodies. They are as strong as the contraction is. And so they are able to manage it.
― Erin Fullam, midwife (via seebaby)

This!! My contractions didn’t feel like pain. They felt like my body working very very hard.

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(Source: seebaby)

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Eli has been breastfeeding so much lately. Like pretty much constantly. My colostrum came in a few months ago, so that can’t be why.. you think he senses the baby will be here really soon, or what?

Im loving the cuddles, though. :) I hope he is okay with sharing and with the fact that he wont get to nurse alone too often for the first few weeks.. its blowing my mind how close I’m getting to my due date. This pregnancy is flying by.

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So I was told yesterday at my midwife appointment that I should stop running my daycare. I need to rest to avoid going into labor before 37 weeks. I really doubt I’ll have this baby early, but I definitely don’t want to risk it. I’ve been having alot of terrible pains every night, so it’s possible. If I do go into labor before 37 weeks they won’t stop it, but I won’t be able to give birth at the birthing center. So time to relax as much as possible with 4 toddlers in my house haha.

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I don’t think I can be any more pregnant than I am right now. I literally just started crying because my husband said he wanted to take a shower and I wanted to take a shower before him. Lmao. We just sat here laughing about the fact that I’m crying for like 10 minutes.. oh God.

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:) I bought the rest of the big items we need for baby #2 this weekend. Arms reach co-sleeper because I’m terrified Eli won’t sleep on his own before his little brother comes and I want baby to be safe, and the cutest little swing. It has a projector in the mobile that puts cool pictures/ designs on the ceiling. And I saved $100 on both. :) So proud of myself for saving all my money from running this daycare. I have bought everything baby needs without any help from my husband. He has been so stressed about money since moving into our new home so I’m glad I was able to help!

Also only 2 weeks until maternity leave!!! :D

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