What are people’s opinions on using wool diaper covers as a vegan? I was considering getting one or two for overnight since all of Eli’s diapers have been leaking, but since it’s an animal product I’m feeling really guilty about it. I’m gong to try stripping his diapers first, but honestly I want to go back to prefolds in a size up and I don’t think anything else will work for nights. I am so sick of pockets, they say one size but they don’t fit my 25lb toddler. Is there an alternative to wool I could buy that isn’t ridiculously expensive?

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I am having the worst luck I could ever possibly have trying to take this glucose test with labcorp. Two weeks in a row I’ve been here crying because of how fucking rude they are…

I told my midwife and she was cussing on the phone with me she was so mad at them… I hope they stop sending pregnant women here.
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My poor baby.. all he’s wanted to do all day today is nurse, but he can’t breathe out of his nose.. :’( he has to stop every few seconds. Gonna be a long night..

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