I bought a sbish fleece & bamboo fitted diaper… do I need to wash this differently because of the material? Ive never used fleece or bamboo before and I need to prep diapers… so lost haha. I got some newborn bamboo AIO’s and the rest are just prefolds and covers which I’m getting ready to prep separately. Any tips would be lovely lol.

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So I forgot to mention. Another requirement to go to my birthing center is to track my meals every day for 3 days.. and I have to fast for 10+ hours for the THIRD time this weekend. I never thought a midwife could be this triggering.. I just got out of the habit of counting calories.

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So today my midwife told me I cant decline my glucose test. Ive gone to labcorp for the testing for 3 weeks in a row and been sent home crying every time because of how rude they were… and now I have to go back or they wont let me have the baby in their birthing center…. wtf.

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Fueling my cloth diaper addiction. Can’t stop shopping for Eli & baby #2. xD I already bought some infant size diapers for the baby a few months ago & have most of Eli’s cloth diapers that he grew out of, but I saw cute prints & cheap newborn prefolds so of course I had to buy them.. & an elephant cover for Eli. Yup. Needed it.

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